SR4500 Band1 (discontinued)


Reference wireless stationary receiver

This item is currently not available to order online directly from AKG.

Stress free

The SR4500 analog true diversity reference wireless receiver provides maximum ease of use with an automatic setup function and scan of the radio frequency environment. The rehearsal mode supports the engineer during soundchecks with information on the systems signal quality. The programmable status monitor shows all relevant system information on an illuminated multicolor LED ring. Its precise battery life readout in hours is a valuable advantage in wireless applications.

A wide range of professional antenna splitters, power supplies and high-quality remote antennas is available to set up a reliable wireless system, even in a large area.

N° d’article 3200H00010

Caractéristiques Générales

Finish Black
  • 1 x SR4500 Reference wireless stationary receiver
  • 1 x RMU4000 Rack mount unit
  • 2 x BNC UHF Antennas

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